Local Newspapers from 1894 on Microfilm

Interested in learning more about history of the community through the years? HCPL has microfilm of our local newspaper in-house! What is microfilm? It is a length of film containing microphotographs of a newspaper, catalog, or other document. These reels of film are then put into a machine which magnify the print, similar to photography slides. This makes it an economical method of preserving civic and government files and data long-term. Rolls are numbered and dated; additional rolls provide indices, as well. See what is available below:


1894-1958 Hartford City Evening News

1958-2010 Hartford City News Times

2 rolls (#217 for October-December 1995 and #225 for November-December 1997) are missing; please inquire at the Blackford County Historical Society for access to these files.

Papers since 2010 are archived on property until they are microfilmed.

Additional indices are available with the following information:
– I.O.O.F. Cemetery
– Censuses from 1840-1920
– Western Christian Advocate – Genealogy 1843-1845

Please stop at the front desk and ask for assistance if interested in using this resource.