Makerspace Project Workshops in October

The library will have on loan from the Indiana State Library a Makerspace project kit for kids K-12. Makerspace is an exciting initiative that brings exploration, creativity, and hands-on learning to the library and beyond. With Makerspaces, students work on their own or in teams to build, create, learn, and solve.

Makerspace projects:

*Engage students in hands-on projects.
*Develop problem-solving skills and encourage self-direction.
*Foster teamwork, decision-making, creativity, and higher-level thinking.
*Support STEM!

We will have this kit available during the first three weeks of October. Our first open day is Thursday, October 4. Come in any time between 3:30-5:00 to experience! This is our first experience having the kit so we’ll learn together!

Here are all of the days and times the Makerspace kit will be available:
Thursday, October 4. 3:30-5:00
Friday, October 12. 3:30-5:00
Wednesday, October 17. 5:00-6:30
Friday, October 19. 3:30-5:00
Saturday, October 20. 10:00-12:00