A Christmas Carol Performance

Minnetrista Theatre Preserves will perform A Christmas Carol for us on December 20 at 5:00. 

In 1925, Ball Brothers Company had an edition of A Christmas Carol designed and printed as a gift for friends, family, and employees.  George Ball worked with a designer named Richard Ellis out of New York City to have the book produced. They tucked a little note inside the cover of each book that read:
Dickens’ Christmas Carol has been called the “greatest little book in the world.” We have had this special edition printed and are sending you a copy. You have read it before? Yes? Well, read it again! Read it out loud with all the family around. Read it every year before Christmas.
We wish you a very, very Merry Christmas, and, as Tiny Tim says, “God bless us, every one.”

Ball Brothers Company,

Christmas 1925 
Minnetrista Preserves Theatre have performed here at the Hartford City Public Library to the delight of the children many times in the past during our summer reading programs; however, this program is for both children and adults. This play is free of charge to attend and open to the public.  We hope you will come enjoy this festive event with us!